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Training walks

Training walks with your pup’s own personal trainer.


Give your pup the best start possible in the hands of the experts. Training walks last up to one hour and are the perfect alternative to regular dog walking or doggy day care. Ideally this service is for youngsters under 6 months old. It is perfect for new puppies (older dogs can be catered for too)!

If you work regularly throughout the day, or have a busy lifestyle, then this service is for you. Training walks can also be booked as a package with our regular training sessions so we can show you how to carry on the work we have done. Daily training sessions can be booked for your puppy with me. 

I will come to your home, like a dog walker, but unlike a normal dog walker, you are getting a professional trainer working with your puppy, establishing the key skills it will need for life. I will also ensure your puppy has controlled exposure to the world which is an essential part of your pup’s socialisation.

What I teach is guided by you but generally the following specifics I find stand puppies in good stead for the rest of their lives:

  • Calling your dog back to you

  • Meeting and greeting (not jumping up) 

  • Walking on a lead

  • Dealing with the worlds distractions 

  • Confidence building

  • To wait patiently 

Pricing structure

For pricing details please get in touch. I also offer training walks, so why not let Top Barks be your pup’s personal trainer? I believe training walks are an ideal complement to the puppy training package.

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