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Puppy training

One-to-one puppy training programme


Training puppies on a one-to-one basis has a number of advantages over traditional group classes. I believe that training puppies in this way achieves great results. Some of the advantages of one-to-one puppy training are:

  1. Puppies are calmer, because they are not over excited by other puppies. This allows them to concentate and learn.

  2. Owners are more relaxed and able to concentrate, as they are not controlling an over excited puppy.

  3. Focus on specific exercises that are important to you, rather than concentrating on a generic syllabus.

  4. Work in your home and on your walks so you get the training where you need it.

  5. Flexible training times to fit around your lifestyle and the pups development so you never miss a lesson.

  6. Tried and tested older dogs to help teach your dog proper canine etiquette and how to talk dog.

Pricing structure

For pricing details please get in touch. I also offer training walks, so why not let Top Barks be your pup’s personal trainer? I believe training walks are an ideal complement to the puppy training package.

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