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Dog training

Gain a better understanding of your best friend and learn some basic obedience for everyday use. Learning with your dog should be fun so sessions are aimed at both you and your dog enjoying your training together.


The lessons last one hour and are on a one to one basis with the dog and owner. Our training programmes include:


  • General obedience training: These lessons are used to train basic cues for the usual obedience exercises, including sits, downs, lead walking, stays and recalls. The course does not follow a strict routine, and can be tailored to the individual dog and owner. The dog training programme is held in your own home, and lasts as long as your dog needs. Training walks are also available.

  • Focus and control: Ideally suited for those dogs who do not pay attention to their owners on walks. I aim to improve your ability to control your dog in distracting environments.

Pricing structure

I offer both single lessons, blocks of 4 1-hour lessons and tailor made packages for locations within the York radius. Other areas are covered. Please contact us for a quote.

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