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Behaviour problems

Consultations on your dog's behaviour.


Dogs can suffer from many types of behaviour problems, excessive barking, aggression, inappropriate toileting, chasing vehicles or anything that moves. By understanding why your dog is behaving in this way, you can start to work with your dog to overcome these problems.

In time you will see the huge benefits of reward based training and you and your dog can start to enjoy life together.

The consultation is the start of your dog’s rehabilitation, two hours dedicated to you and your dog. Learn why your dog is showing its unwanted behaviour, and how you can help them.

As part of the behaviour I offer three options:


  1. An initial consultation only, which provides practical help and understanding of why your dog behaves in the way it does.

  2. The initial consultation and a written behaviour report to consolidate the initial session and a plan to improve your dog's behaviour.

  3. The initial consultation followed by two extra 1-hour behaviour sessions.

Pricing structure

Throughout this process phone support is available at no extra cost. Prices for sessions in the York area are available on request. Other areas are covered, please contact us for a quote at

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